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Alexander Born and raised in the land of the mythical and enigmatic Thracians , the beautiful South European country of Bulgaria , I received my master's degree in physics from the oldest modern Bulgarian university .

The university, established in 1888, is named after St. Clement of Ohrid - a IX-th century Bulgarian scholar, often  linked to the invention and popularization of the Cyrillic alphabet, who was also a prolific writer and translator.

Next Steps

Upon graduation, I was awarded a national physics scholarship by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and several years later accepted the University of Rochester's offer to continue my graduate studies there, relocating to the US in 1999. Post-PhD, I received an Alexander von Humboldt fellowship , followed by the inaugural US LHC Theory Initiative fellowship and the CERN theoretical physics fellowship.


I am a fellow at the Theory Division of CERN - the home of the LHC and the hottest place for particle physics on Earth (or in the Universe, as some people will argue)! I am working on precision phenomenology applied to all high-energy particle colliders, especially the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). My current focus is on top quark physics.

What is the LHC?